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"They May Not Hire You After 50,
But They'll Sure Buy From You!"

Employment experts estimate that there are more than 5 million Americans over age 50 who are either unemployed or seriously underemployed.

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If you're one of these folks, you most likely know that you're a long way off financially from being able to comfortably retire...and so you want and need to continue working.

But, what do you do if full-time, corporate employment is not there for you anymore?

I designed "They May Not Hire You After 50, But They'll Sure Buy From You!" workshop to give you some solid footing in exploring the entrepreneurial path to making an attractive income.

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Jeff Williams
Chief Coach

Here's The Unhappy Truth About Corporate Jobs

Your age matters to corporate employers – a lot!

A typical hiring manager today is under age 40 and he thinks that people over 50 will:

  • Cost the group insurance plan a lot more.
  • Produce less work because of a lack of stamina.
  • Not know how to use all the  latest technology in their jobs.
  • Resist new ideas.

Now, most of this isn't true for most of us older boomers, but this is what many hiring managers think!

Here's The Happy Alternative

But, fortunately, there is another way to make an attractive income based on your skill, experience and interests.

When corporations buy goods and services from a small company, freelancer or independent contractor, they don't care about the age of the CEO.

So, no matter your age, or how gray your hair is, you have a solid chance to grab part of the billions of dollars of goods and services corporations buy each year from outside suppliers and vendors.


  • You have 78 million Boomer peers to sell to – they see you as “a brother or sister”.
  • You have 42 million Americans over age 70 to sell to – they see you as “a son or daughter”.

That gives you 120 million potential consumer customers to make money from…as opposed to struggling to land a job at just 1000 or so large corporations.

Learn How To Create a "Plan B"

This interactive workshop details, step-by-step, how to turn a skill, experience or serious hobby into a fun and lucrative new way to work as your own boss.

During this lively, three-hour live learning experience, you will:

Learn why now is a Great Time to start a new business.

Discover 8 reasons why people say that they can't start their own business...and why each one is a myth!

Share an insider's look at an actual boomer business start-up - sharing how our client Ken Proskie completed each and every key planning and organizational step for his new company, Compass Health & Safety.

Get expert answers to all of your business start-up questions.

Receive three special bonuses for participating.

Get To Know Your Presenter, Jeff Williams

I started my first entrepreneurial training company in 1988 after leaving an eighteen-year career as a MBA-trained marketing executive.

From the very beginning I have specialized in guiding individuals in my "boomer" age bracket - we were in our forties when I started, then our fifties and now many of us are in our sixties.

When I started my entrepreneurial life, most new businesses were located outside of the owner's home, which required expensive rent. And most of us used newspaper and radio ads and direct mail to promote our companies - both of which are quite expensive.

Quite honestly, back in the 1980's if you came to me telling me that you wanted to be your own boss, the first thing I would have done was caution you about the financial risk you were taking.

Now, understand you always take some risk in starting your own business, but thanks to computer and Internet technology and the incredible growth of home-based businesses the cost to start and run your own business has never been lower, and therefore less risky than today (just think about the risk you took in investing your 401(k)!).

I help run a job seekers group in my home city of Chicago, and so I see firsthand the struggle of very talented and experienced corporate managers to find a suitable replacement corporate job, some for more than two years now.

I designed this workshop to permit me to share my philosophy of today's world of work with you, namely...
Why beat your head against the wall of getting to corporate hiring managers, who see your age as a big negative? Instead, you can use your age and experience to your advantage as the owner of your own business.

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