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Jeff Williams is professional speaker, workshop presenter and coach offering talks on all aspects of becoming an entrepreneur at age 50 and beyond.

In addition to being regularly quoted in such publications as Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine, and, over the past twenty-five years Jeff has guided more than 4,000 new entrepreneurs through his award-winning business start-up process.

Real World Experience In a Very Timely Topic

Recent surveys of 50+ Americans indicate that the vast majority want to work after "retirement", and that a growing number find attractive the sense of independence and fulfillment that comes from doing work they really enjoy in their own businesses.

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If you're working with clients, employees or members who are
50-65 years in age and who are wondering where life can take them next, let Jeff Williams share his story of personal transition from a challenging corporate career as a MBA-trained marketing executive to a very fulfilled life as a 50+ owner of several successful businesses.

Jeff demystifies the process of becoming a 50+ entrepreneur, by showing the many and diverse routes one can take today to use his own business to create work that fits his interests and desired lifestyle, as well as giving his retirement savings a nice kick!

Not only did Jeff launch two new companies after age fifty, but as a business start-up coach he works each month with hundreds of 50+ Boomers who are just stepping upon the entrepreneurial path.

Presentations Focused On Boomers In Transition

Jeff's talks and workshops are designed for professional organizations, membership groups, chambers of commerce, career counseling agencies and companies, and corporate HR departments, which wish to assist their 50-and-over members, clients and employees understand how becoming their own bosses may fit exceptionally well into the next stage of their lives.

All presentations are highly interactive and include lots of how-to oriented content. Jeff uses stories, client-examples, quick exercises and humor to get his point across.

All talks and a number of the workshops can be presented virtually as teleseminars, convenient if your membership or employees are spread over a wide geographical area.
Call Jeff at 877-232-0744 to discuss your needs.

Watch Jeff In Action

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Watch Jeff present his workshop:
"10 Keys To Starting a Great Business - At 50 And Beyond"

Listen to Jeff talk about why people over 50
are starting businessses in record numbers.

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Jeff's Biography

Jeff left a corporate career as a sales and marketing executive in 1988, just before his 40th birthday, to launch his first company, the Go Smart Business Start-Up Center, based in suburban Chicago.

Over the years in various corporate jobs, Jeff had worked with quite a few smaller businesses, many family-owned, both as suppliers and customers.

Observing first-hand how the most successful smaller companies got started and grew, he became determined to combine a number of proven business start-up and management techniques into an affordable self-employment training curriculum, designed to greatly increase the odds of success for new businesses through systematic pre-launch planning and organization.

Since launching, Jeff has guided more than 4,000 new entrepreneurs to plan, start and grow solidly profitable new businesses through his Start Your Business NOW! Start-Up School and his Virtual Incubator executive coaching network.

Jeff served as a facilitator for the 1995 White House Conference on Small Business, where he helped to mold an agenda of important improvements in the small business regulatory system in the U.S.

Jeff's training company, CMS, Inc, has won state and national awards for its success in guiding clients from the U.S. Department of Labor's Title III Dislocated Worker program to successfully transition into entrepreneurial ventures.

In 1998, at age 50, Jeff launched a new web-based training company,, to promote his entrepreneurial coaching programs around the world.

Jeff writes for both print and online publishers about the job-related challenges that 50+ corporate managers face today, and about how becoming a 50+ business owner often provides the right mix of work and leisure.

Jeff is frequently quoted in national business publications and websites, such as Kiplinger's Retirement Guide, Entrepreneur Magazine,,, and

Jeff holds a MBA in marketing from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University, and a B.S. in Commerce from the McIntire School at the University of Virginia.

He resides in suburban Chicago with his wife Marianne.

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Workshop Presentation

The Two-Day Intensive New Business Planning Workshop

You are skilled in doing certain business tasks, a talented hobbyist or an experienced volunteer.

But you know that you do not really know how to put a smart business together which is why you have already bought a book or two on business start-up and maybe spent a couple of hours surfing through online courses.

You do not want information that can possibly get your business launched. You want a breakthrough: you want to be in business, not preparing to be in business.

We have designed this intensive two-day live new business planning workshop to break down the business launch process into bite sized chunks that we can use to lead you forward from each key pre-launch decision and task to the next. All in just two days!

Read the full description for Jeff's popular live workshop.

Workshop Fees

Jeff's live workshops can be priced either on a per-person basis, subject to a minimum revenue amount, or for an agreed-upon flat event fee.

All telegroups are priced on a per person basis, with group discounts available.

Note: If you wish to charge workshop participants a per-person enrollment fee, for a small service charge, we will be glad to handle all workshop registration, payment processing and follow-up. Just let us know what arrangement you would prefer.

Contact Jeff By E-Mail To Discuss The Workshop You'd Like To Offer

Or, contact Jeff at 847-305-4626

Thank You!

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Speaking Fees

Jeff Williams will speak for free for the following organizations in the Chicago area:

Chambers of Commerce
Career Outplacement Firms
Non-Profit Career Counseling Centers
Membership organizations, such as Kiwanis and Rotary

He'll also speak with no cost for his presentation to these types of groups outside of the Chicago area if he is reimbursed for travel, meals and lodging, as required.

Jeff also speaks for a fee (call to discuss rates) for:

Membership Groups
In-House Corporate Programs
Business Conferences (where speakers are paid)
Professional Associations (outside of Chicago area)

Contact Jeff at 877-232-0744
Contact Jeff By E-Mail

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Speaking Topics

We Don't Want To Retire, But We Want To Work Differently

50+ Boomers are redefining the concept of "retirement" everyday by declaring that most are not anywhere ready "for the rocking chair", but instead intend to remain engaged in an active worklife well into the future.

Talking points include:

  • The AARP Survey and what it revealed
  • The three essentials 50-plus people look for in their work
  • The five keys to defining the workstyle you want

Promotional Description

We Don't Want To Retire, But We Want To Work Differently

This interactive presentation offers the three essentials that 50-plus people look for in their work, and the five keys to defining the workstyle you want.

Presented by Jeff Williams, chief coach for

Your Age Is A Big Advantage in Becoming Self-Employed

People age 50 and up may be an endangered species in the corporate world, but their work and life skills make many perfect candidates to start and run businesses that supply these corporations, as well as provide satisfying solutions to consumers.

Talking points include:

  • The eleven key strengths that 50-plus people bring to any work they do.

Promotional Description

Your Age Is A Big Advantage In Becoming Self-Employed

The corporate world may not be too eager to hire you after age 50, but they'll gladly buy from your business. Learn the eleven work traits you posssess that make you a very good candidate for running your own business.

Presented by Jeff Williams, chief coach for

50 And Beyond: How To Keep Working With The Lifestyle You've Always Wanted

Surveys show that about one of five people 50 and over express a strong interest in having their own business.

What determines which people start 50+ businesses?

Talking points include:

  • How to determine if you're really serious about becoming your own boss.
  • The five key questions you should answer before you proceed.
  • The dramatic changes you face when you become self-employed.

Promotional Description

50 And Beyond: How To Keep Working With The Lifestyle You've Always Wanted

When surveyed, more than 70% of people age 50 and over say that they want to continue to work into their sixties and beyond. And yet, traditional corporate jobs can be hard to come by in this age group. This interactive presentation guides you through a series of key evaluation points to help you determine if starting your own business is an attractive work alternative for you.

Presented by Jeff Williams, chief coach for

How To Find The Entrepreneurial Life That's Right For You

After working thirty years or more, 50+ Boomers have accumulated an impressive combination of works skills, real-life experience and trial-and-error learning.

This combination of skills, experience, interests and observations offer a rich source of business ideas.

Talking points include:

  • How to use the Interest-Experience Checklist to match work you love to do with work you are really excellent at performing.
  • How to use a simple 4-step process to evaluate a potential business idea.

Promotional Description

How To Find The Entrepreneurial Life That's Right For You

Learn how to use the skiils and life experience you've accumulated over a twenty-five year or longer career to identify business ideas well matched to your desired lifestyle, personality and financial expectations.

Presented by Jeff Williams, chief coach for

Do you have a company or group theme you'd like to include in Jeff's presentation? No problem, just let him know and he'll customize his presentation to your needs.

Book Signing

After his presentation, Jeff will be pleased to sign copies of his popular workbook: "Start Your Business NOW!" available for purchase for the special low price of $20 (retail price is $97)

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