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Since 1988, we've been providing business start-up coaching and training for Boomers seeking to create a fun and rewarding new workstyle as independent business owners.

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Bizstarters Company Profile

How We Started

Bizstarters is the evolution of the Go Smart Business Start-Up Center founded in Chicago by Jeff Williams in 1988 to provide live entrepreneurial training.

He was stimulated to start his company after interviews with 100 business owners of shuttered businesses disclosed that many were profitable when they closed. Their lack of a well-laid plan had simply made running the businesses too demanding for them. Jeff thought there must be a better way to prepare to launch a business and so the Go Smart Business Start-Up Center was born.

In 1998, was organized to adapt the Go Smart curriculum to Internet-based learning. The Go Smart training programs are now being used by new entrepreneurs both across the U.S. and around the world.

From working with an increasing number of clients who are age 50 and over, it became obvious to Jeff that a business start-up course specifically designed for the 50+ individual was needed.

In 2005, the "10 Keys To Starting a Great Business At 50 And Beyond" interactive workshop and accompanying DVD & workbook combination were introduced.

To spotlight the interactive workshop and DVD product and to support the marketing of additional training materials and courses aimed at the 50+ audience, the Bizstarters website was completely redesigned in July 2005 to solely feature content, training and advice aimed at the "fifty and beyond" market segment.

In 2007, The Ultimate Boomer Business Start-Up Guide and accompanying live one-day workshop were introduced to provide a quick and easy way for do-it-yourself Boomer entrepreneurs to plan and launch their businesses.

What We Offer

Here is a quick run-down of what we offer:

The Ultimate Boomer Business Start-Up Program is our flagship training product aimed at the 50+ market segment.

This business start-up program built around the Ultimate Boomer Guide combines three components and is offered in three forms.

Program Components

  • A 222-page step-by-step business planning workbook.
  • A Business Plan CD.
  • A 100-page business management guide.
  • A Starting a Great Business After 50 podcast CD.
  • Invitation to monthly 60-minute telegroup Q&A session with Jeff Williams.
  • A series of discount coupons from top business start-up service providers, including,,, Intuit and

Program Versions

  • Version 1 - Do-It-Yourself Planning
    Course Materials as shown above - $249.
  • Version 2 - Group Coaching
    Course Materials plus 8 weekly telegroup decision review sessions - $899 per person.
  • Version 3 - One-On-One Coaching
    Course Materials plus 8 weekly one-on-one coaching sessions - ranges from $3,500-$7,000 per person.

Virtual Incubator Coaches Network

We provide training and support materials in order to certify individuals as Virtual Incubator Authorized Coaches. Training, support and client materials are provided on an annual license basis.

Free Tools & Resources

Visitors to the Bizstarters website can access our special FREE learning tool:

  • Free Download: Business Idea Evaluation E-Course.

In addition, we offer on our website a Free Resources area, which includes:

  • Quizzes
  • How-To Articles
  • Subscription to our "50 And Beyond" eZine

Company Backgrounder

The Path Not Taken

Rarely is so much time and money invested in an effort with such uncertain outcomes as is the new business planning process in America.

More than 1.5 million new businesses are launched each year, with more than 70% doomed to fail by the fifth year. Millions of dollars of start-up capital are wasted, not to mention the psychological toll on hundreds of thousands of well-intentioned people.

American teenagers understand that they must take training before they are permitted to drive a car.

But as adults the same individuals attempt a process that demands even more knowledge, with little or no training - launching a new business.

What makes the high rate of small business failure so bitterly ironic is that the process of business launch is based on steps that have been successfully completed many times before.

At Bizstarters, we offer step-by-step training and planning tools designed to feature a wide variety of business planning techniques that draw from the real-world, street-smart experience of the Bizstarters founder and CEO, Jeff Williams, and hundreds of his start-up clients.

We have found that: the path is often not taken, because it is not made clear!

Bizstarters Provides The Path

The site presents a clearly defined planning process for moving from the entrepreneurial tingle to a smoothly running business. Key decision points are based on the accumulated wisdom we have gained from guiding more than 4,000 new entrepreneurs through live and online entrepreneurial training programs.

The power of the Internet permits each participant in the process to become a member in a community of like-minded individuals, sharing knowledge and fighting the feeling of isolation. Being able to access online learning programs whenever it is most convenient, lets each Bizstarters' client learn at their own pace; on their own schedule!

Company Fact Sheet

Bizstarters is devoted to guiding entrepreneurially-oriented individuals, who are age 50 and over, to successfully launch and run their own small businesses.

We fulfill the needs of aspiring entrepreneurs leading very busy lives by combining a disciplined planning process, a shared community, carefully selected products and services, a committed interactive dialogue and a sincere desire to witness successfully launched businesses.

Strategic Alliances

Bizstarters continually pursues co-marketing relationships with corporate marketers of product and services offering unusual value to early stage entrepreneurs.

Products and Services

Bizstarters offers a line of entrepreneurial assessment and training products, marketed under the brand names of Go Smart and Bizstarters, as well as distributing best-selling small business advice books, guides, CDs and videotapes.

Headquarters LLC is headquartered in Arlington Heights, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.

To reach us:

Voice - 847-305-4626
Fax - 847-305-4627
Email -
Web -

Jeff Williams Bio

At age 10, I had my first entrepreneurial encounter almost by accident.

Thanks to my grandmother's promotion among her bridge club ladies, I suddenly found myself committed to cut 40 lawns a week. So, I got three of my Little League buddies and together we ran a full-time summer lawncare business.

Even as I settled down into a fairly traditional corporate career path after earning a business degree from the University of Virginia, I continued to engage in entrepreneurial projects, such as earning a cool $1000 for organizing a Spring trip to New Orleans for a group of my college friends.

I started my sales career selling packaging materials for a division of Corning Glass Works, but quickly realized that what I really enjoyed was working with the marketing guys on new products, such as Corelleware.

Guided by the direction of the Corning HR department that an MBA would help me transition into product development, I scoured the U.S. for a MBA program that was strong in marketing and from which I could graduate as quickly as possible, as money was tight.

My choice: Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, which permitted me to graduate after four straight quarters, having studied with some of the top marketing professors in the U.S.

I'd been told by the business school Dean that I was being groomed to become someone's CEO, but I couldn't get the memory out my head of that summer when I was 10.

When I finally jumped out of the corporate world at age 39 to start my first business, the Go Smart Business Start-Up Center, my corporate buddies used to rib me about what I was losing. 

But, by the time I started Bizstarters at age 50, the very same friends had changed their outlook.

Now, my Boomer friends continuously call me with ideas on how they can take early retirement from their corporate jobs and join me as small business owners!

I understands from first-hand experience the financial challenges that many of my 50+ peers are facing. Like more than 50% of the U.S. work force, I am not eligible to receive a pension. My retirement security comes from the salary and retirement savings my business affords me.

I am a nationally-renowned business start-up coach and trainer and my Go Smart start-up course has won state and national awards for its effectiveness in helping downsized corporate managers successfully transition to

I have written eleven small business workbooks, guides, CDs and DVDs and regularly offer a series of interactive live workshops and telegroups, as well as acting as a contributing editor to several 50+ websites, including

I am frequently quoted in national print and online business publications, such as,, Kiplinger's Personal Finance, and Wall Street

To date, more than 4,000 new entrepreneurs have completed my business start-up training program.

I live in suburban Chicago with my wife Marianne, who after working for thirty years as a court administrator, recently started her own 50+ business as the owner of a shabby-chic home accessories business.

I take a hands-on approach with my 50+ business start-up clients – I’m always just one e-mail or phone call away when a business planning or management question arises.