Biz Start & Grow Services

We regularly receive inquiries asking if we offer per-project and per-hour coaching and advice.

We've offered this informally for sometime, but we've decided that now is time to formalize the offer.

So, we're pleased to present below a series of per-project services and to make you aware that we also offer telecoaching for one hour and up, which I personally conduct.

Don't See What You Need?

If you need a service you don't see please drop me a line and tell me what you're looking for. I'll get right back to you to discuss your needs.

Jeff Williams

Business Idea Evaluation

Let us help you understand the demands and rewards of the business concept
you've chosen.

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Package includes:

1. Written business idea critique by a business start-up expert.

2. One, 30-minute one on one coaching phone call. This call lets you discuss your coache's business concept critique.

Business Plan Critique

Smooth your path with a banker or potential investor by getting a critical review of your business planning work to date.

Cost customized to your need.

Use the form below to tell us your needs.

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Please describe your business concept:

Please check one of the boxes below to describe at which stage
you are in your business planning:

Haven't started. Not sure what to do first.
Finished first draft - need edits.
Final plan done. Need critical review.

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Marketing Plan Creation

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A smart marketing plan describes exactly what you will sell, who is most likely to buy and why they will buy it, why your offer is superior to that of competition, what your financial and non-financial goals are and your revenue generating formula.

You will use our award-winning Marketing Plan Outline document, written in Word for Windows to allow you to easily add or subtract text as you work through the document.

The Marketing Plan Outline comes with complete directions for filling it out.

Package includes:

1. Marketing Planning Form with completion instructions.

2. One, 60-minute coaching phone call to discuss your written narrative and suggest improvements.

3. Expert evaluation of your revised Marketing Plan via e-mail.

Start-Up Marketing Package

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In today's very competitive world, you need a very memorable identity for your business, both online and offline.

We link you up with our expert graphic and website design teams who have created eye-catching identities and traffic-stopping websites for hundreds of our start-up clients.

Package includes:

1. Professionally-designed logo.

2. Guidance in selecting and registering a domain name.

3. Business card layout and printing of 500 full-color business cards.

4. Guidance in setting up e-mail marketing and web hosting accounts.

5. Design and launch of a non-ecommerce business website, written on the Word Press platform, which permits you to do your own website updates.

See Example of Marketing Package Services below

Component Manufacturing Specialists

Logo Design

Domain Name Registered

Business Card Layout & Printing

Website Design & Launch

Website hosting

Legal & Financial Set Up


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Package Includes:

1. Help in choosing business legal form and guidance in legally registering your business. Discounted online registration for incorporation and LLC set up.

2. Review of other legal needs, such as legal contract, employment guide, hiring guidelines for an employee, etc.

3. Guidance in setting prices/fees and projecting monthly expenses and sales for next twelve months.

4. Guidance in purchasing and installing the QuickBooks accounting software program, as well as how to set up support pieces for using the system and the monthly financial record update schedule.

Business Growth Coaching

$150 per hour.
20% discount on 3 hours or more purchased as a package.

Let us help you evaluate the growth-related challenges your business currently faces and suggest affordable and practical solutions.

To discuss your specific needs, we invite you to book a free, 30-minute coaching session.

Fill in and submit the Free Coaching Appointment Form.

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Create an Information Product


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Package Includes:

1. Review of your chosen area of knowledge or expertise to determine exactly what you will sell and its benefits to customers.

2. Development of a "multiple streams of income" analysis releated to what you wish to sell to define in what forms you can sell this capability and for what prices.

3. Work plan of action steps in order to create the central "hub" knowledge and expertise you will offer, around which you will build multiple streams of income.

Create an E-Commerce Selling Plan


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Package Includes:

1. Competitive evaluation of your chosen product or service category.

2. Development of your primary selling message based on a "better and different" formula relative to your closest competitiors.

3. Selection and registration of a strong marketing-oriented domain name for your e-commerce website.

4. Pricing analysis.

5. Development of your website navigation system and content development plan.

6. Guidance in selecting an e-commerce website design process. (If you wish we can connect you with our expert website design team).