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You're ready to turn your well-developed skill or long-enjoyed interest into a fun and rewarding new business.

But, you need some help navigating the path.

Launch quickly and professionally
with your own start-up team

Imagine having your very own business start-up team headed by an experienced business start-up expert...

...Every planning decision clearly explained to you...Tutoring in new business management skills...Intensive coaching to aid you in completing a powerful marketing system for your new business...And a responsive support team to assure that all marketing, legal and financial details are properly completed.

You never have to wonder what to do're surrounded by your very own business start-up team directed by your very own Virtual Incubator coach.

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successful new business owners

The award-winning Virtual Incubator new business planning process uses proven techniques and draws upon top-notch service providers to assure success.

That's why more than 4,000 new entrepreneurs have participated in our street-smart business start-up coaching program.

We take what seems like a complicated process and we break it down into a series of easily-understood tasks.

Each week you receive advice and encouragement from your Virtual Incubator coach through a highly focused telecoaching session.

When a planning decision can be completed more quickly and expertly with the help of a service provider, your Virtual Incubator coach hooks you up with a selected member of our start-up team....And he coordinates their work on your behalf.

And, since your Virtual Incubator coach is also a successful small business owner, he shares with you insider tips and resources that he knows are highly productive.

Let's talk about your coaching needs

Business Start-Up Coaching
From Your Virtual Incubator Coach
Quick. Easy. Professional

We help you craft a powerful marketing strategy.
With our intensive marketing planning workshop and step-by-step planning worksheets, it's easy to put your skill and knowledge into a compelling selling story.
See how we helped a client set up his marketing system.

We guide you to build a memorable identity.
We help you select a name for your business and then we translate your chosen name into a colorful, compelling business identity that attracts attention wherever it is seen - from your business cards to your company website.

You receive financial advice proven by experts.
We guide you to find a local CPA to advise you in managing your new business's financial affairs. We show you where to buy your accounting software at the best price and we make avaiable tutoring in using the program is you should desire. We guide you in setting up your business banking relationship. And, we direct you in completing financial projecdtions for your first year in business.

You receive professional help in setting up an attention-getting Web presence.
First, we help you find the proper domain name, and then our expert web design team uses the most user-friendly design software to devise an eye-catching selling website for your company. We show you how to connect your website to a trusted e-mail marketing provider. And, we launch your site and make sure that all key features work properly.

We make sure that you you obey all legal requirements.
First, we work guide you to select and register the most appropriate legal form for your new company. Then, we lead you through a comprehensive checklist of government regulations to make sure that no legal detail is overlooked.

We show you how to do "guerrilla marketing".
You learn how to combine your imagination with a series of very affordable promotional techniques to build "the buzz" for your new business.

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How We Organize
Your Coaching & Planning

Phase 1
Your Virtual Incubator coach guides you to create your marketing strategy and action plan.
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Phase 2
Our start-up services team creates your marketing system.
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Phase 3
Your Virtual Incubator coach backed by our start-up support team helps you complete all organizational, legal and financial tasks.
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What The Virtual Incubator
Coaching Package Includes

Business Planning Tools & Coaching

  • 165-page planning workbook.
  • Weekly teleconferences with your Virtual Incubator Coach.
  • Unlimited email Q&A with your Virtual Incubator Coach in between telecoaching sessions.
  • Expert assistance in setting up your website hosting and e-mail services, registering your domain name, selecting website photos, establishing your business e-mail service and legally registering your busines.
  • Step-by-step planning flowchart to help keep you on track.
  • Weekly e-mail planning reminders.
  • Plus, monthly e-mail follow up by your Virtual Incubator coach for one year after you launch your business.

Marketing System Set-Up

  • Professional Logo design.
  • Business card design and printing of 500 full-color business cards.
  • Design of a fully-functioning business website (e-commerce site available at additional cost), plus placement of your initial website content.
    All websites are built on the WordPress platform to permit you to easily make changes in your website as you wish.
  • Expert help in setting up your e-mail marketing service.
  • Optional: Access to professionally-designed full-color selling brochure designs - at deeply discounted prices.

Let's talk about your coaching needs

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